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Claxton Bay:   Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) has resumed its Learning Academy classes for the new academic year.  The first seminar took place on Monday 23rd September for participants of the HYPE (Helping You Prepare for Employment) programme in Sangre Grande. 


Spearheading these seminars are once again Avaleen Mooloo, Group Civil Engineer and course facilitator, along with Andira Kowlessar, TCL’s Customer Excellence Officer and coordinator of the Learning Academy. 

TCL launched these seminars in May 2013 with the aim of educating students primarily from vocational institutions on the processes and best practices involved in the manufacture and marketing of cement.  To date, the feedback on these courses has been very positive.

Regenal King, Drafting and Construction Training Provider for The Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme Ltd. (YTEPP), praised the Learning Academy stating, “TCL is doing fascinating work.  My students are learning quite a lot from these courses.”  One of his students, Mariah Bourne, added, “Being a part of this lecture has really opened my eyes on the many different types of cement and their products. I am thankful to have been able to be a part of this learning process.  We even received a Certificate of Participation and tokens of appreciation for being part of this lecture.”