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Claxton Bay: Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) has launched a Rainwater Harvesting training program for residents of Corosal Road, Mayo.  Aimed at enlightening residents on the safe procurement and management of rainwater as an alternative source, TCL’s introduction of the initiative coincided with and underscored the company’s support for World Water Day 2013, which was celebrated on Friday, March 22.


Working directly with residents of Corosal Road through this rainwater harvesting program, TCL will strive to improve each person’s ability to work cooperatively towards addressing current and future water and other public health challenges. The program promotes the use of population-based health and sanitation policies to create and sustain positive changes in water collection systems and environments within the Mayo community.

Councillor Suresh Pooran Maharaj of the Caratal Tortuga District, TCL’s HSSE Manager Mr. Richardo Garcia and Facilitator of the Rainwater Harvesting Training Mrs. Dianne Wells, all addressed the audience on the topic “Water Cooperation”.

Speaking after the launch, TCL’s HSSE Manager Richardo Garcia reinforced that TCL’s primary objective of the training is to empower the Mayo community with the ability to effect sustainable change. He went on to say that the Mayo community has always been of key significance to TCL, particularly since the company has been operating a quarry in the area for over 60 years and that this initiative is a further demonstration of its corporate social responsibility. Over the years, TCL has collaborated with the residents of Mayo in the areas of road rehabilitation, education, recreational facilities and water supply.  

The six-week training program will begin on April 16 and will be attended by twenty six (26) participants representing approximately one hundred and fifty (150) persons who form the households at Corosal Road, Mayo, as well as farmers from surrounding communities. 


Dianne Wells, Facilitator of TCL’s Rainwater Harvesting Training Initiative, speaking at the Launch of the Program

TCL’s HSSE Manager Lt Col (Ret’d) Richardo Garcia and Councillor Suresh Pooran Maharaj of the Caratal Tortuga District Greet Each Other at the Launch


A cross section of Mayo Residents and Farmers from Surrounding Communities at the launch of TCL’s Rainwater Harvesting Initiative


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