We dare to dream big, harnessing the power of innovation to reshape the world and propel humanity into a brighter future.

Products & Solutions


We formulate our cement products to offer exceptional strength, durability, and workability to construct projects.


Combining cement, aggregates, admixtures, and water to perfectly match the unique requirements of your project. 


Our premium aggregates provide the essential strength and volume necessary for your concrete.


Infinite possibilities to produce unique, high performing and durable materials.


Construrama is the largest hardware store network in the region, supported by CEMEX/TCL.


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We focus on the environment, social, and governance to build a better future for all.

Our goal of becoming a net-zero CO₂ company drives us to push the boundaries of sustainable construction.

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We encourage our employees, stakeholders, and the general public to submit suggestions, inquiries and report alleged ethics, compliance or governance violations through ETHOSline, an open and confidential communication channel.