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Construrama is the largest hardware store network in the region, supported by CEMEX/TCL. This initiative will professionalize our customers’ business, driving it to the next level.

Each element of the value offer is created to develop the existing hardware store and create more qualified sales teams to meet evolving customer expectations.

As part of the professionalization of the Construrama hardware store network, an improvement to the interior and exterior design of each point of sale is included. This creates an appealing experience for end users within the hardware store, where the sales team is uniformed, the inventories are well organized, and the item display is inviting.

Each of the Construrama hardware stores offers a wide portfolio of construction products, with the aim of supporting all participants in the sector in each of their projects.

As a part of the value offer, a solution is delivered to the needs of your end customers. Being in a network of hardware stores rewards your end customers for their construction purchases.

As we continuously listen to partners, Construrama Hardware Stores will always provide innovative solutions for their end customers and their growing needs.

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