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ClaxtonBay, Trinidad:

Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) recently hosted an interactive learning session on the construction of concrete stepping stones and planters at the Buccoo Integrated Summer Camp 2012 which is an initiative of the Healing with Horses Foundation in Buccoo, Tobago. The session was held on Tuesday 17th July, 2012 at the Goat Race Facility.


The Healing with Horses Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that also works closely with the Child & Adolescent Centre of Tobago to identify the needs of the community in terms of health, mental health, wellness and well-being, focusing on ALL children, abled and challenged ones.

TCL’s Corporate Responsibility Programme is designed tobuild a platform to support activities pertaining to youth development, life skills, education and volunteering. The children at the camp were educated on how they should go about making their own stepping stones and planters. TCL’s expertise provides valuable insight on making the moulds, colouring and mixing techniques, placing the concrete, curing methods and maintenance of the products.

Such creativity provides a sense of accomplishment and pride that triggers positive feelings and promotes a can-do attitude in other areas.  This verycreative leisure experienceembraces  -  self-expression, dedication, mistakes, financial savings, customization, gift giving possibilities, lessening the environmental footprint by reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing items and most important - fun!

Community members and the children themselves expressed their gratitude to TCL for providing them with the opportunity to learn about preparing stepping stones and planters, and also for the face to face insight on proper concrete mixing and curing techniques.

Mrs. Elena Dupres-Sookoo - Industrial Nurse, TCL assists with the preparation of one of the stepping stones


Franklyn Deomansingh – Senior Lab Attendant, TCL assists with making a concrete planter, at the Buccoo Integrated Summer Camp


Franklyn Deomansingh – Senior Lab Attendant, TCL demonstrates mixing decorative stepping stones, at the Buccoo Integrated Summer Camp


Camp Participants decorate a stepping stone at the Buccoo Integrated Summer Camp