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Our proposal in Cements with low CO2 emissions

At CEMEX/TCL, we believe that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and we support the urgency of collective action. We have already achieved reductions for some cement products that exceed 40% of specific net direct CO2 emissions. We have worked for years to reduce its environmental impact and are committed to supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation actions stemming from the Paris Agreement. We want to be an agent of change in limiting global warming to less than 1.5°C and ensuring compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Vertua: Cement with low CO2 emissions

The Vertua cement range is a key component of our climate strategy, which includes the ambition to supply net-zero emissions products globally by 2050. Vertua in cement brings together a new range of products that offer net direct CO2 emission reductions ranging from 15% to more than 40%, compared to the net direct emission of a traditional Type I cement. The Vertua Classic is available in Trinidad and Tobago.

The characteristics of the product within which the resistance and durability are highlighted are not altered with respect to traditional alternatives. They are cements with the same quality and performance, now with reduced carbon emissions.

*Reference: sectoral global average net emission per tonne of clinker (source: Getting The Numbers Right – year 2000 – and the typical clinker factor of a Type I cement (equivalent to ASTM C 150 cement, Type I). The direct net emission of each Vertua cement is obtained through the "CO2 Protocol" verified annually for clinker and the clinker factor corresponding to each cement.

Vertua Classic

The general purpose cement is the first to join the Vertua line, with the "Vertua Classic" seal offering a reduction of between 15% and 25% of CO2 emissions, compared to conventional cements, preserving its technical properties and maintaining the same CEMEX quality standards.


Vertua: Data on our progress towards low-carbon development

  • We have managed to reduce more than 20% in our net global CO2 emissions since 1990 in our cementitious products.
  • We continually strive to look at alternative fuels to replace our traditional fuels.
  • Substitution percentages and types of alternative fuels vary from plant to plant according to regulatory frameworks and availability.
  • In our ECO cement, we have managed to replace a significant percentage of the high energy consumption clinker.
  • CEMEX’s Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) had an "A" rating in transparency and climate strategy in 2019 and we maintain a leading position in 2020.
  • Carbon Trust has validated the alignment of the company's climate action plan to reduce our emissions, with the trajectory of the 1.5°C scientific scenario.